A last farewell to summer nights

For those who don’t know, I am a BIG fan of summer. Some people tell me it’s because I was born in July and therefore I am just naturally happier in warm weather. Other people say it’s because I don’t have enough fat on me to be comfortable through the cold winters (thanks, I think?). I’m not certain if either of those suggestions are right, but what I am certain of is this: I LOVE SUMMER. There’s something about the sun warming your skin by day, and a soft breeze flitting past you by night that just makes me feel right. Summer also means spending more time outside with the one I love – my husband. Neither of us are particularly outdoorsy but even we are powerless against a beautiful summer night.

Fall this year has been pretty warm, with recent days still hitting into the 80s. Well above the 50s that are more typical for this time of year. I was starting to talk myself into the joys of a perpetual summer (a thriving tick population was the only downside I could think of really). But, then… it happened. We cut our after dinner walk short because of the cold. Boo.

Of course the upside to this is that we got more time inside to do the dishes together and get some much needed laundry done, so I can’t really complain. 🙂


2 thoughts on “A last farewell to summer nights

  1. I love summer too! There is nothing better than sitting in the sun and just feeling your skin soak up the warm rays. I love it.
    This fall is already killing me. I will die this winter LoL!


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