Why there’s no Christmas music at our house

Halloween has come and gone and November is officially in full swing. Leaf piles are growing and hot drinks are starting to take center stage. Chimneys start to puff out smoke and squirrels start to collect their winter cache. In quiet moments, the world is perfect and beautiful.

Unfortunately this is also the same time of year that a great darkness begins to creep out of restaurants, gas stations, and seemingly every store under the sun. What am I talking about? Christmas advertising, of course.

Before I go on, let me say that my distaste has nothing to do with the religious, spiritual, or traditional aspects of the holiday. Both my husband and I grew up with Christmas in our homes and I have always been fond of decorating and celebrating with loved ones. The problem I have is two-fold…

1) I have a generally foul view of advertising. Don’t get me wrong, advertisers are very sly folks and I am intrigued by how well they poke at our collective psyches. I just think that’s kinda mean. I think many times we lose focus of what truly matters to us because we are focused on the images presented in ads.

2) Stop ignoring the November holidays, gosh darnit! In the US, November has two prominent holidays already – Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. These two holidays have heart warming themes that encourage us both as individuals and as a society to; reflect on the greatness in our lives, share that greatness with others, and celebrate those who have made possible the greatness we enjoy. For me, those themes are what we should be supporting and promoting.

Again, I have no hatred towards Halloween or Christmas. In fact, I enjoy them both quite a bit. I just wish the advertising world and the media gave equal focus to other holidays. I cannot change the world but I can change the way I interact with it. That is why, in our house, November is given its space to be what it is – a month of reflection and thanks-giving. After we reflect, share, and give thanks, then we can comfortably move on to the next celebration… but not a moment sooner. November 28th will be here before you know it and then our house will be one big singing Christmas carol. >.<

I dedicate this November, as I do every year, to saying “No” to a hyper-advertised and sensationalized consumer Christmas. I dedicate this month to reflection and thanksgiving. A November worth remembering because it will be one lived with feeling.

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