Wonderful Little People

I just rode the train for 14 stops with a little boy who spent the entire trip sitting quietly on his mom’s lap. When their stop was approaching he climbed off her lap and she helped him put his backpack on. The only time he made any noise at all was when he tried to stop and pull out a penny jammed in one of the train doors.

In contrast, I had a 30 min online meeting with someone who didn’t mute her mic while eating… And she knew it.

Kids=1 Adults= -30


2 thoughts on “Wonderful Little People

    • I turned the 30 minutes into a social experiment. Instead of focusing on her I tried to focus on how others were responding to her. Interestingly enough, even though she was actively disrupting their thoughts and conversations (you could hear audible pauses as though they were trying to compose themselves), not a single person ever said anything to her. I wonder if an in person meeting would have resulted in a different response, or if my work environment is simply one that values turning a blind eye to annoyances.

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