Friday Foodlets: Family Feast

Holy cow it’s Friday already? This week flew by. Time for another Friday food post. Yay food!

I actually took a little holiday leave this week (a rare occurrence for me) so I only had to prepare two lunches for work. Well, okay, so I prepared three lunches but totally didn’t manage to eat the third one. oops! All three lunches were the same exact thing but I did spice it up for breakfast. Haha, literally!

Monday and Tuesday: Breakfast: cinnamon banana pancakes. Mmmm! (I followed this super simple recipe) Lunch: Turkey and cheese roll-ups with spicy brown mustard, applesauce, black beans, cucumber slices, raisins

Wednesday: Breakfast: red apple and peanut butter. Lunch: Same as Monday and Tuesday but the combination of a busy morning and being released early from work meant I only ate the applesauce and half of the cucumbers.

Time at home makes for fairly fluid and flexible eating so I don’t usually bother to do a meal by meal breakdown. I do have a few holiday highlights though.

Thursday Thanksgiving dinner: An antipasto appetizer tray, shredded pork, mashed potatoes, applesauce, and meatballs. Tony had spaghetti and meatballs but it was regular spaghetti so I passed on the noodles and sauce.

Friday: Chili! We went out for a date night dinner and I had a very tasty bowl of prime beef chili. Very very tasty.

I hope that y’all found some healthy and tasty items to nom on this Thanksgiving.

Today I am thankful for: Paper towels. Seriously, my life would be significantly ickier without them.


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