Oh that every present why. Do you know someone who is always asking why?

Perhaps it’s the bouncy 3yr old in your life: Why do you go to work?
or perhaps it your co-worker: Why do we have to do it this way?
or perhaps it’s a spouse/parent/roommate: Why do you always leave your shoes in the hallway?

As a little kid I loved the question why. Once I discovered it drove people crazy? Well then I loved it even more. Now that I’m an adult in the working world I drive my co-workers and bosses bonkers with the question. So when I was searching through writing prompts and came across a “why” prompt I knew it was meant to be.

Why do you blog?

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I had an overwhelming desire to simply answer “why not” and call it a day. I love that sort of vague and obtuse cheekiness. In reality though I do have reasons that I blog and I’m learning as fun as it is to be cheeky (and it’s a LOT of fun), it’s even more fun to stand for something.

So, a few reasons I blog:

  • I blog to release energy – I have and will probably always be the type of person who lives largely in my own imagination. This sometimes leads to over thinking, worrying, or even obsessive circular thinking. Writing gives my imagination an outlet for all its energy.
  • I blog for others – I’m not sure if anyone reads what I write but I can remember many times I lurked about silently soaking up the words of other people. I like to think maybe there is someone silently enjoying my words and taking them into their own lives. Even if that’s not true, the thought still makes me smile when I write.
  • I blog to center myself – Becoming a more centered person is a concept I chose to more seriously focus on in the past few years. The act of blogging forces me to focus, organize my thoughts, and reflect on myself and the world around me. It also forces me to commit my personal opinions to paper and I firmly believe standing for something is key to becoming a more centered me.

So, for now, those are the main reasons I drag myself back to this blog time and time again. Oh, and also… cuz why not? šŸ™‚

With Love, Mia

Nov 3: Today I am thankful for my co-worker “E”. We are still getting to know each other but he has already proven to be a calming presence in my life and a strong supporter of my work. Thanks E.


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