No Apologies

Today’s prompt is thanks to The Daily Post.

What’s the one guilty pleasure you have that’s so good, you no longer feel guilty about it?

It starts so innocently. First the cold air against your skin. Your muscles tense as they catch the chilly air. You approach slowly, pulling the door closed behind you. You reach your hand out with slight apprehension. The warmth is immediate and nearly overwhelming. A smile spreads across your face and you move closer. The warmth surrounds you and your tensions start to melt away.

It’s as though the rest of the world starts to fade away. You forget about the bills, your deadlines, that guy who cut you off at the last exit. In the moment, nothing else matters. You close your eyes and breathe deeply. If only you could stay here. And so you do.

Ten minutes, twenty minutes, maybe more. You don’t know how long it’s been and that doesn’t bother you. But soon, the warmth begins to fade. A chill flutters across your arm. You take one last deep breath; in and out. You wish it wasn’t over but know you’ll be back again soon.

You turn off the shower and grab a nearby towel. Back to the real world.

With Love, Mia

Nov 11 Today I am thankful for those who choose to fight for the freedoms we all enjoy. Thank you to all the veterans out there.


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