Sunday Snippets

You know what I don’t feel like doing today? Writing.

You know what I’m doing today? Writing.

Well, sort of. I don’t feel like sharing any stories and don’t have a prompt that looks appealing. That means today will be tiny poem day. Aw, my little poemitas. Poemitas. That’s totally a word. For sure.

The fun part about these is that they’re stream of consciousness poems. What I’ll call stoc poems. For stoc poems you just type whatever falls out of your head.

Don’t think, just write.

Blue eyes and long hair
What does he see in her
Maybe it’s his penis

Why do the starfish cry out at night
While the rest of the world sleeps
Waves crash against the beach
The silence falls once more

Blue eyes and messy hair
Always running out the door
Where she’s going, it won’t matter

Until next time friends.

With Love, Mia

Nov 14: Today I am thankful for delivery drivers. Thank you for bringing me warm and delicious foods to eat.


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