Dude, where’s my car?

Last night we were laying in bed. It was some time after midnight and Tony had just fallen asleep. That was when it hit me.

“Hey, uh. We never got my car.”

After our date night on Friday we went for a drive and headed home. We decided we could grab my car from the commuter lot over the weekend. And then, like the dorks that we are, we didn’t.

Thankfully for me Tony had to head into work early so he dropped me off at my commuter lot this morning. He got me there earlier than I usually do. Haha, go figure. My car was, as usual, waiting for me when I arrived there after work. I say as usual because this wasn’t the first time we’ve forgotten to pick up my car. Oh what a beautiful mess we are.

That brings me to my zen tip of the day: Go with the flow.

Old me would have freaked out and demanded some sort of crazy solution or perhaps just berated us for being so irresponsible. ZenFichey, however, knew better. We both had a good laugh at ourselves and realized the reason we didn’t remember the car was because we spent the weekend having a blast together. That’s a trade I’d make every time. Even if it meant I had to walk to work this morning. (Though I’m super glad I didn’t have to!)

So just remember zen homies, go with the flow. If a situation doesn’t go as planned, relax and find a way forward. A calm head will get you through most things. You’ll be having more fun too.

With Love, Mia

Nov 16: Today I am thankful for fun-filled weekends.


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