Oh the Places You’ll Go…

Today’s prompt comes from Blogher’s NaBloPoMo:

What is one place you need to see to feel like your life is complete?

When I was a little kid I used to dream of fantastic adventures. My fantasy travels were often fueled by the books I was reading or the movies my mom would put on for us to while away long summer afternoons. I dreamt of everything from bushwhacking through the jungles to sailing the high seas. I was always told my eyes were bigger than my stomach and it was pretty clear that my dreams were even bigger than that. I wanted all of everything and more. I wanted to see everything from Orlando to Timbuktu.

Despite my large dreams and lust for life I always assumed my dreams were just that, dreams. I spent my nights looking up in awe at the stars and wishing someone would scoop me up and make my travels possible. I never believed I could be in control of my own adventures.

With all that in mind, you would think today’s prompt would be super easy for me to answer. All of the places in the universe and all I have to pick is one that will make my life complete.

The 5 year old me would have told you I could die happy if I could just see Orlando, the 10 year old me would have told you the Amazonian rain forest, the 13 year old me would have told you Ireland, the 20 year old me would have told you California, and every single one of them would have said the moon would be cooler than all those combined.

There’s something that’s missing in all of those answers though.

What came next.

You see, the problem with choosing one penultimate place to see is that you end your story there. You close in your field of vision and you change your view. Either you become nervous about capturing your dream, you become overwhelmed in figuring out how to get there, or you capture your dream and then you’re left feeling lost, without purpose.

As I’ve grown older I’ve come to realize life isn’t defined by one special place. The true joy in life is based on what comes next. As a child I never would have guessed all the places I’d go. I had no way of knowing where my travels would take me. As it turns out, I much prefer it that way. While I do have places I’d like to see, my life isn’t controlled or defined by those places. The world is my playground and I can continue to explore it all.

So, to answer your question – what is one place you need to see to feel like your life is complete? My answer is simple – in order to feel like my life is complete I need to see what comes next.

With Love, Mia

Nov 17: Today I am thankful for cows. Thank you for being so delicious and for giving your lives to nourish our bodies.



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