Today is Thanksgiving here in the US.

A day I sometimes call smallpox day. I know, it’s not very funny. It’s my tongue in cheek way of reminding people about the importance of remembering the history between the Native Americans and the pilgrims. Just as with any other two groups of peoples there are dark, violent stories as well as heart warming tales of a shared humanity.

Here in the US we don’t choose to celebrate the death and destruction (thank goodness). That doesn’t mean, though, that we should ignore it. Great atrocities were committed on this land and we are still seeing their affects in our country today. That makes me sad but I’m glad not all Native American tribes were destroyed.

I’m also glad that we have a day in our country where we celebrate thankfulness and brotherhood, which is the way I prefer to look at Thanksgiving. A day where we get together with our loved ones, and/or those who need more love. A day to celebrate and share our bountiful blessings. Things we’ve worked hard for, and things we are lucky to have.

This year, to celebrate Thanksgiving, Tony and I spent time together enjoying laughs and eating good food. We wore clean, warm clothing and enjoyed the comforts of our home. We also reached out to friends, co-workers, and extended family members. Small conversations to thank them for being a part of our lives; lives we are very thankful to have.

In addition to that, we avoided stores as our small way of saying thank you to the various folks in the service industry who support our way of living. Hopefully they were able to spend time with their loved ones and enjoy the food, homes, and laughter they work so hard to keep.

As the sun was setting on our Thanksgiving we hopped inTony’s car and drove off into the sunset. We drove out to the country side as the painted sunset faded into darkness. We listened to deep and powerful music and appreciated the beauty of the world around us. When the last of the light had finally faded away we turned around and drove back towards the orange glow of the rising full moon.

I can’t even begin to explain how thankful I am for all that we have. We have our health, our loved ones, and, most of all, we still have each other.

I hope everyone was able to find comfort in today. No matter how dark things get there is always something to be thankful for. I hope everyone else was able to find and celebrate those things. Treasure them and remember them. Let them carry you forward and keep you warm through the darkness of winter.

Wishing you all the best, Mia

Nov 26: Today I am thankful for being alive. No matter how hard things seem, I will try to remind myself of just how lucky I really am. I have my body, my heart, and an amazing world filled with other beautiful living creatures.




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