Stores? I Think You Mean Outdoors

I was looking back at my Black Friday post from last year and I’m sorry to say it looks like Black Friday once again buckled to the peer pressure. This year, a lot of stores opened early on Thanksgiving Day or just stayed open all day. Ew.

While Tony and I do enjoy having and buying nice things, we are not terribly materialistic. You’re far more likely to find us driving down some back road than racing down the store aisles. So, as you can imagine, Black Friday is not really an exciting day for us. In fact, the raging consumerism really turns us off. We will make the occasional Black Friday purchase if something on our wait-list comes up for sale, but generally it’s just another day at work doing the normal thing.

This year, however, we played things a little differently. To celebrate Black Friday I decided to take a page out of REI’s book and #OptOutside. We skipped the stores (and the office) and took to the great outdoors. Thankfully our area was experiencing some  unseasonably warm weather so it didn’t take too much convincing to get Tony to come along too.

We didn’t come home with any hard fought “spoils of war” from the store shelves. Nothing to play with, wear, or set down in our home. Instead we enjoyed the fresh air, sounds of wildlife, a pale autumn sun, and a few good laughs. Oh, we did come home with a couple of photos though. They can be seen here and here.

I’m so glad there are companies like REI. I hope their employees spent the day finding their zen, whatever that may mean for them. I know I did.

With Love, Mia

Nov 27: Today I am thankful for companies who value something other than profit (even if it is just for one day).



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