This past February Tony and I ended the lease on what had been our home for the past four years. Let me tell you, it was liberating. While we had grown used to the location the property managers had become increasingly difficult to work with over the years. We decided to spread our wings and try something a little new so we picked out a lovely single family home that was being rented out by the owner. Figuring an individual would be far more reasonable than a large company we shook hands and signed on the dotted lines.

By and large the experience has been far more pleasant. Our landlords are a nice couple with friendly children and the neighbors all were very welcoming. The home is in as good of shape as we care about (we’re willing to overlook cosmetic problems that come from a home being lived in by small children) and the location is decent for commuting to work. Despite all of the upsides, we’ll be moving out when our lease ends this spring. You see, our lovely little home has a not-so-secret secret… it’s a behemoth. A four bedroom, five bathroom sort of behemoth. While all of the space has been amazing (targeting practice and hip-hop dancing in the middle of every room? Yes please!) we’ve had our time to party and are ready to move on.

In the spring we will be doing something many people do out of necessity and not out of choice – downsizing. It is our goal to move from our current 2800 sq ft, to a much more reasonable 900-1000 sq ft. I’m excited to pare down our possessions and really simplify our home. I am a firm believer in the importance of setting up a healthy environment and I know this new change will be just what we need to get back to the heart of what we really need and want in our lives. So instead of calling it downsizing, let’s call it what it is – right-sizing. We looked at a few places this weekend for ideas and I couldn’t be more excited! This is going to be great!