Friday Foodlets: Family Feast

Holy cow it’s Friday already? This week flew by. Time for another Friday food post. Yay food!

I actually took a little holiday leave this week (a rare occurrence for me) so I only had to prepare two lunches for work. Well, okay, so I prepared three lunches but totally didn’t manage to eat the third one. oops! All three lunches were the same exact thing but I did spice it up for breakfast. Haha, literally!

Monday and Tuesday: Breakfast: cinnamon banana pancakes. Mmmm! (I followed this super simple recipe) Lunch: Turkey and cheese roll-ups with spicy brown mustard, applesauce, black beans, cucumber slices, raisins

Wednesday: Breakfast: red apple and peanut butter. Lunch: Same as Monday and Tuesday but the combination of a busy morning and being released early from work meant I only ate the applesauce and half of the cucumbers.

Time at home makes for fairly fluid and flexible eating so I don’t usually bother to do a meal by meal breakdown. I do have a few holiday highlights though.

Thursday Thanksgiving dinner: An antipasto appetizer tray, shredded pork, mashed potatoes, applesauce, and meatballs. Tony had spaghetti and meatballs but it was regular spaghetti so I passed on the noodles and sauce.

Friday: Chili! We went out for a date night dinner and I had a very tasty bowl of prime beef chili. Very very tasty.

I hope that y’all found some healthy and tasty items to nom on this Thanksgiving.

Today I am thankful for: Paper towels. Seriously, my life would be significantly ickier without them.


#microMondays: full speed ahead

I picked up groceries on Sunday and I have a few recipes up my sleeve. That’s right folks, the last week of the #NaturallyNovember food challenge is officially here! Three cheers for what should be a strong finish!

Today I am thankful for:  a beautiful little car in working order

Friday Foodlets: Week 3

Welcome to the latest installment of Friday Foodlets!

For those just tuning in, Fridays are my day to unpack and look at my food choices for the past week. This is part of my #NaturallyNovember food challenge. For the month of November a co-worker and I decided to follow the rules of eating natural, whole foods that are minimally processed.

In last week’s foodlet post I talked about how I hoped to experiment with different food choices. That was a resounding… failure. I was feeling under the weather this week so it took a lot to just make it through work every day. There wasn’t really much energy left over for shopping, cooking, or thinking. Also, I was out of applesauce. Boo. I don’t have pictures this week either but I can do a basic run down of what I had:

Breakfast this week was some red apple with 2-ingredient peanut butter. I only had one apple left though so Thursday and Friday I switched back over to a two egg scramble and a mini honey whole wheat bun with peanut butter. While I still prefer my trusty Jif, this new peanut butter is starting to win me over. The trick is to STIR STIR STIR.

Monday: Lunch was mini turkey sandwiches with cheese, brown mustard, and alfalfa sprouts, red grapes, lightly salted edamame, some raisins, and home-made whole wheat cous cous salad.

Tuesday: Lunch was three turkey and cheese rolls (with brown mustard), red grapes, lightly salted edamame, some raisins, and home-made whole wheat cous cous salad.

Wednesday: Lunch was three turkey and cheese rolls (with brown mustard), red grapes, a brown rice/barley/rye berry mix with black beans, lightly salted edamame, some raisins.

Thursday: Lunch was three turkey and cheese rolls, the last few lightly salted edamame beans, the last few grapes, a babybel mini cheese wheel,  some raisins, and home-made whole wheat cous cous salad.

Friday: Lunch was three pieces of turkey, two babybel mini cheese wheels, a brown rice/barley/rye berry mix with black beans,and some raisins,

Looking back at the week I’m a little disappointed at my lackluster meals, but feeling crummy really made me want to just stuff brownies in my face so, I’m calling it a victory that I still packed healthy and minimally processed foods for every day of the week.

My thoughts for the week:

1) I still really like applesauce.

2) It took a week to adjust to those honey whole wheat rolls but now I actually find myself looking forward to eating them in the morning. I’ll definitely be stopping in at our local bread company this weekend to pick up more.

3) Milk is just not a food item I should buy. Just isn’t. I can’t ever make it through a container before it goes bad.

4) Does a healthy brownie recipe really exist? I’ve been seriously craving brownies.

Friday Foodlets: Part 2

Welcome to the latest installment of Friday Foodlets!

In last week’s foodlet post I talked about how, along with NaBloPoMo, I have also picked up a healthy eating food challenge which I’ve dubbed #NaturallyNovember. I also promised food pictures this week so here they are!

Monday: Forgot breakfast photos! Lunch was meatball and cheese sliders, applesauce, red and green bell peppers, black beans, and raisins. Raisins are becoming my new favorite afternoon snack.

Tuesday: I had the day off work and met a friend for lunch. Since I wanted to still follow my rules I bought an unsweetened iced tea and a grilled chicken salad. mmm. we were so busy eating and chatting that I didn’t remember to grab a picture. Oops!

Wednesday: Forgot breakfast photos! but it was a two egg scramble and some apple with 2-ingredient peanut butter. Lunch was pulled pork sliders (the pulled pork was leftovers from Tony’s dinner the night before. He ate the parts that had sauce on them since sauce doesn’t meet my food rules), applesauce, red and green bell peppers, black beans, and raisins.
Thursday: Forgot breakfast photos! Lunch was three turkey and cheese rolls, applesauce, edamame, and home-made whole wheat cous cous salad. The ziploc bag is actually empty because I forgot to put raisins in. Boo.

Friday: I remembered to snap a picture of breakfast today! Breakfast was a two egg scramble (left) and a mini honey whole wheat bun with 2-ingredient peanut butter (right). Lunch was three turkey and cheese rolls, red and green bell peppers, lightly salted edamame, some rasins, and home-made whole wheat cous cous salad.


Two weeks into the challenge I’d say I’m doing well. I’m starting to see that while so much food out in the world is full of junk, there are still a lot of tasty and healthy choices. I’m curious to see how the rest of the month goes and if I can experiment with a few other options. For now I can say three things for sure:

1) I really like applesauce

2) I didn’t need as much external motivation as I thought I might. My co-worker who agreed to the challenge stopped last weekend. I was bummed for her but it didn’t slow me down at all. Go me!

3) I like Quizno’s pesto turkey ciabatta toasties A LOT. And I miss them.



Friday Foodlets: Welcome to Naturally November!

Yesterday I mentioned making a nice lunch to cheer myself up. While getting my lunch ready I had a long conversation with my husband about my struggles at work. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but he is a wonderful combination of protective, supportive, and blunt. It turns out I needed that WAY more than I needed cheese-filled meatballs. But hey, the meatballs were great too!

Forgive me though, back to the point. This post is actually about the meatballs. (Sorry brosef, still love you though!)

Along with participating in NaBloPoMo this year, I have also taken on a healthy eating  challenge for the month of November. The idea for a food challenge came to me last month when I started reading about Lisa and her family over on 100 Days of Real Food. I don’t have 100% exact same feelings as Lisa but I have wanted to clean up my act and her general rules seemed to be a great place to start. So I floated the idea with some of my co-workers. In the end I had one taker. Good enough for me! For the month of November my co-worker and I will be eating real, natural, minimally processed, and whole-grain foods.

For those of you who don’t know me, this is actually a HUGE change. Junk food is my favorite food group (fluffernutter sandwiches anybody?) and DH and I eat out for EVERY meal.

That’s why, to celebrate my first successful week of the challenge I decided to redo an Italian comfort food – meatballs. In keeping with the challenge I made some very special Cheesy Bison Balls. To make the meatballs I used lean Bison meat, an egg, and some seasonings. Oh, and of course a little bit of cheese for the cheesy center.

The verdict?
Bland and overcooked

Haha, oh well. I still smiled when I opened my lunch box and, let’s be honest, that was the rewarding part. I’ve done some research and I’m hoping my next batch will be better.

If you like this post, come back next Friday for food-licious update. I plan to have pictures next time!

If you’d like to join the food challenge reply to this post and/or tag posts on your blog with #NaturallyNovember. Support systems are great and I’d love to see what other folks are doing with their food!

Wild and crazy weeknights

Tomorrow is Friday.
I made a special treat for lunch.
I’m looking forward to eating it.

I haven’t fully processed the rest of today. Work is tough right now. So for tonight, I chose to focus on the positives… tasty (and healthy!) treats for my lunch tomorrow. I’ll tell you more about it next time.

I’m sure you’ll be on the edge of your seat until then. Don’t fall off! 😛