What if we painted the world a lovely shade of pink?

My eyes opened to a bright and quiet room. I smiled at the sun beaming in through the blinds. It was a morning where I didn’t have to rush out of bed and I wanted to enjoy it. I blinked a few times and rolled over… the bed was empty. He must have gotten up already, I thought. I held my breath to listen for where he might be and heard the quiet but distinct sound of a computer game. No electric shaver, no blaring music, no chair wheels on the hardwood floor. I smiled again. You see, quiet does not come by accident in our house.

As I type this, I can currently hear a computer game, a live stream of someone playing background music while talking about a different game they are currently playing, a (pretty fantastic) mash-up song coming from another computer (make that two mash-up songs from another computer), and an oddly familiar tune being toe-tapped from the office above me. So, this morning, the faint computer game sound I was hearing was actually a deeply purposeful quiet. Something I can’t even explain how much I appreciate.

Remembering this morning I can’t help but think about the people I know who are unhappy with the relationships in their lives. I know relationships can be complicated because emotions are complicated. Humans are often illogical creatures at best, and downright heart-breaking at worst, I get that too. Still, looking back at moments like this morning, I find myself thinking that maybe -just maybe- relationships aren’t that complicated after all. Maybe, all it takes is recognizing there are other human beings on this planet who care about our health and happiness. The world is a big and fast moving place. Nobody needs to grab our hand and take the trip with us, and yet, that is exactly what some people choose to do. Pretty amazing if you ask me.

“Hi” he said, walking quietly into the room.
“Hi.” I looked at the time (it was past 11am). “It’s late… you let me sleep in,” I said to him, stretching and yawning.
“Yeah, I did,” he shrugged, stuffing his hands in his pockets. “Would you still like to go get that food we talked about last night?”

Why yes, yes I would.